What To Do About Conflicting Marketing Advice

What To Do About Conflicting Marketing Advice

If you’re in a business of any kind, I’m sure that you too sometimes get frustrated with all the ‘expert advice’ out there.  Let’s say you want to launch a product, service, event or new branding.  You decide to do a bit of research, just to get some tips to boost your confidence.  But instead, you’ve opened a pandora’s box, with different “experts” warning you that you aren’t yet equipped to take the next step (not without their help anyway).

They warn you that you can’t just launch whatever you want to launch, without first studying the market, researching what your competitors are doing, and considering all the elements that go into a successful launch.  It is a science, and there’s a science to timing your launch just so.  If one piece is left out, your launch will be unsuccessful.  It seems that not everyone has the secret knowledge to do it right.

You feel a bit deflated.  What had started off as an exciting venture now feels like pie-in-the-sky.  You start to doubt yourself.  You beat yourself up for not doing your research properly, but thank God you found this piece of advice before you make a stupid mistake.

The optimistic part of you says, “Don’t be discouraged, it’s a blessing in disguise.”  And armed with optimism, you embark on doing more research, determined to nail it.  But then you keep finding conflicting advice, and end up more confused than ever.  Not only have you lost your confidence about a project you were excited about, you are at a loss at what to do.

If that describes your experience, know that there is a way out.  Not in a formula for what to do action-wise, but in taking your power back from depending on there being one specific way that will work according to the laws of market and the forces that govern the business world.

We tend to assign too much power into what we do, how we do it, when we do it.  Yet the bulk of our power lies in the intangible realm, not in the physical world.  Two people can take exactly the same actions but one can succeed while the other fails due to the differences in what they do in the intangible realm.

So, what do to?

You have everything you need right now, on your own, to tap into your own power to make something happen.  The experts will tell you it can’t be done, but that is sometimes just a power play and other times well-meaning but misguided advice.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by what advice to follow…

STOP.  Withdraw from all the advice.  Get centered and connect with your Spirit, the part of you that has the higher vision.  Here, is where you get true guidance for the best thing to do.  If you’re judging this to be airy-fairy advice, know that this is actually the most practical way forward as it always leads to success.  Your rational mind simply isn’t aware of the big picture to be able to give you any ideas and solutions to get you to a truly successful place.  But that voice inside, that subtle nudge – is guided from a place of seeing all the pieces in the Greater Design of things.

Webinars, online courses, videos, podcasts…  Where do I focus my energy?

If you’re an emerging entrepreneur in the technological age feeling bombarded by all the talks about “the most lucrative” platforms or marketing channels, how do you what’s “the most lucrative” platform or marketing channel for you to launch yourself or grow your business to the next phase?  Depending on who you listen to, it is webinars, YouTube videos, online courses, membership sites, VIP days, etc.  If you allow yourself to buy into all the hype, you would end up wanting to do it all and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work it is going to take you.

In reality creation, there isn’t one strategy that works best.  Pick the strategy that feels good for you to follow, pour your energy into it, believe in it, and most importantly, have fun doing it- and you will likely have success with it.

Forget about the statistics.  If you take all the statistics thrown at you seriously, you’d be confused as heck because every source will cite a bunch of statistics to back up why their strategy is the best.  Ultimately, even if you could deduce out of all the statistics the one best strategy, there won’t be much power in that strategy for you if you don’t take to it naturally.  Trying to do something just because you’re supposed to while dreading it creates conflicting energies that will cancel out any  progress you make.

Does it mean I don’t have to follow any of the business advice?

By all means, go ahead and work on building relationships with the folks in your industry, study the needs of your audience, increase your mailing list.  Do it, not because all the power of your success lies in it but because you are inspired to do so.  In truth, you don’t need to do these things to ensure success – it’s just that there’s a lot of power collectively invested into believing that we must have these things in place.  The more you buy into this, the more it has power over you.

We’re often told, there are all these rules that we have to follow in order to achieve success, and that is just the way it is.  In reality creation, however, everything is fluid and you can make your reality change right now.

But I just want to make sure I have everything in place…

We don’t have to have everything linearly in place.  The ego mind likes to be in control and thinks it can have all the ducks in a row.  But we’re not supposed to have it all figured out beforehand.  Rather, we’re meant to savour every moment, every step of our journey.  The joy of discovery moment by moment is the reason we have chosen to come into our earthly existence.

The human mind, driven by the fearful ego, finds it difficult to let go of the concept of linearity, because it thinks it has more control if everything works according to a predictable 1-2-3-4 process.  But the Greater Intelligence that governs all of creation is more complex than that.  If only the human mind can be reassured that it doesn’t have to try so hard to be in control; by relaxing and enjoying the ride, we realign with the part of us that knows more than the ego-fueled mind.

To work alongside the true source of knowledge – including the knowledge of how to get us to a successful place in business – all we need to do is to follow where our inspiration takes us, take the step, follow our inspiration, take the next step, and again and again.  At every step of the way, delighting in whatever greets you around the corner.  Contrast this with the way we’re most conditioned to approach our projects: fighting, struggling, tensed all the way until we reach the goal we envision.

That means, when you feel the time is right for you to do something, it is probably right.  Not because some expert tells you so but you are tuned in to a more intelligent source of guidance inside you.

Timing, in this sense, IS important – not in the sense of getting all the marketing components in place in the right order, but in that we can’t demand when we will get something.  Sometimes that thing will come later but is so much more potent and meaningful when it does.