How Can We Ignore The Horrific Events in the World?

World of Beauty and Peace

One of the questions I am often asked is, “How can we ignore what’s going on in the world, when it is full of these unfortunate events?” My answer is, there is more than one reality. You can choose to get caught up and engage in that horrific world or to open up to a different reality that already exists.

People sometimes ask me this when I talk about living in Magical Possibilities, as if it is incredulous to think of being able to escape from engaging in a world of hate and violence. We are so used to living in a world of pain and suffering that we’ve come to believe that is what it should be, and that there’s something wrong if we don’t operate in that world.

This world, which you think is horrific, is not everyone’s experience of the world. For many, the world is kind, supportive, full of love, beauty and magic. There is no one fixed reality for everyone. Some people choose to see – and even insist on seeing – the world as cruel and harsh.

I used to dread facing the world, seeing it as ugly and unsafe. Today, my reality of the world is one that is filled with staggering beauty at every corner I turn; and people who are kind, helpful and inspiring. The mysterious, passionate force of life which is so abundantly available fills me with hope and excitement for what is to unfold for me personally and for humanity in general. Thus, I know it is possible to shift the reality we’re in.

It is NOT Denial

I’m not talking about denying what’s happening in the world. A common presumption is I’m advocating turning a blind eye to reality and living in denial. It is not so. Rather, you know this unpleasant reality exists, since if it has manifested in your physical reality it is real, but it is malleable. You can continue to see it as something that has manifested but to be open to other versions of reality being equally possible.

You choose not to get caught up in the fears and dramas because you know that by doing so you’d only be investing more power into perpetuating this reality. Every time you judge an event, you are reinforcing the realness of that reality, which can morph, shift and change when you retract your judgements and pull your Power back from it.

It is NOT about Reframing

This approach is not just about shifting your perspective of what’s going on to make you feel better about the situation you’re in and to enable you to cope better with something undesirable. When you adopt this approach, your reality of the world literally changes.

You may see something different and unexpected coming out of it.
You may witness your world healing and transforming due to this event.
You may read about a twist in the discovery of what actually happened, changing the way you relate to the world.

Something positive happens in the world you are in, because you have pulled your power out of the awful reality in favour of the possibility of other versions of reality.

It Does Not Entail Being Heartless

Such an approach may seem heartless to some people. After all, aren’t we supposed to show compassion and help those unfortunate people… “The poor victims and casualties of violence and disasters? The innocent women and children who surely did not choose to have this fate?”

When we allow ourselves to get caught up in the dramas and fears of these events, we’re not really coming from love and compassion but fear and dread. Hence, any actions we’re driven to take to help others from this space are fear-inspired. On the other hand, when we hold our power and stand in our power, without investing power into these events, we’re more likely to be inspired to take higher actions that yield lasting changes. In short, we become more heartful, not heartless, by choosing not to participate in the horrors and pulling ourselves down to the low-level vibration.

12234879_10153952079371758_7507338119295532030_nWhen you know that the world you read about in Google News is not the only world that exists, but one out of many, many versions of reality, you will stop feeling helpless against “all these terrible things that happen to people beyond their control”. You know you can shift your reality, by taking control of where you invest your power. A world of love, beauty and magic awaits you…