Why Specifying Your Desired Outcome Limits Your Power

Not Specifying Is Better for Reality Creation

In mainstream law of attraction teachings, we are taught to get as specific as we can about what we want to manifest. We’re urged to visualise until we can see the desired outcome clearly and feel as though we already have it in our reality. We’re told that our subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined – and thus, it will go to work to bring into our reality what we imagine to be true.

Therefore, specifying to the minutest detail what we want to manifest has become a staple technique for conscious creation.

But it is not the most powerful way to manifest. Whilst it may have helped us to begin tapping into our creative powers (by knowing that the powers of creation lie within us and not outside of us), it has now gotten to a stage where we’re stuck at a level of accessing only our limited power. It is time for these old paradigms of conscious creation to be phased out, to pave the way for us to evolve to the next level of reclaiming our true spiritual powers: the powers to create truly magical lives.

If you’re into law of attraction and reality creation, it may feel counter-intuitive for you to consider that specifying what you want is not the way to go. After all, you’ve been taught to believe that doing so would give you more control over what happens in your life. But the truth is, it is more powerful to NOT specify what you want.

Why is it more powerful to not specify?

Because the part of you that is practising reality creation cannot truly know what would bring you the highest joys. This part of you is just the tip of the iceberg of the totality of your being. So when you specify, you are expressing what you think you desire from a limited perspective of your life. Without the benefit of a higher perspective, that which you think you desire may even be detrimental to your ultimate happiness.

Thus, your attachment to what you think you desire from a limited perspective can perpetuate and trap you in a state of low-level struggles. Ironically, these struggles would likely include not getting what you want.

So what works then?

What works is aligning with your Invisible Power, the part of you that does have the higher perspective of your life and that is committed, ever-ready to support you in experiencing your highest joys. By surrendering to the Invisible Power to bring to you the forms of manifestations that give you the highest joys. By giving away your control, totally, to this force, of how things ought to manifest – trusting that the most magical and miraculous outcomes will come to you when you work with your Invisible Power this way. By doing so, you are acknowledging and summoning the greater powers that you do have within you.

The Invisible PowerYou might say, “But I visualised something and it did come true.” Maybe it did ‘work’ once for you, and it might be due to that desired outcome being aligned with your highest aspirations. For most people, it may ‘work’ sometimes and not other times; it is usually hit-and-miss. I suspect that when it appears to have ‘worked’ the person was also doing something else that helped bring it into manifestation. But the point is, even if it works consistently, it does not contribute to much spiritual growth; rather, it can take you backwards in spiritual growth since you would likely be feeding your ego-level desires and not connecting with your true aspirations.

Choosing A Life-Affirming Path

I am not talking about simply being passive or not choosing a life-affirming path. You do look at your life and be honest about what is not working in it. See, most of us have a tendency to create and stay in unhealthy situations; by tolerating your unwanted situations, you’re not rising to your highest expression as a human being. Once you’re aware and honest about what’s not working in your life, there’s a way of pulling the power out of these situations and channeling it into The Space of Infinite Possibilities. This is the raw power from which new, magical outcomes are created when you align yourself with the general direction of goodness – health, abundance, love, freedom and harmony. But you do not specify exactly what you want to create in place of your unwanted reality.

In law of attraction, we often hear about our thoughts influencing reality. People usually interpret this to mean that we must then specify the desired outcome. You have no need to. There’s a power greater than you and you can simply align with it to do the work, so to speak. You don’t have to figure it all out and mentally construct a picture of what to replace certain areas of your life with. When you work with this aspect of you that truly holds the power, you can really begin to connect to your magical powers and see a life of love, beauty and magic unfold before you.