Food, Diet and Reality Creation

Food Diet and Reality Creation

People are generally obsessed with food and its effects on their bodies.  There is so much information about which foods are good for you, which are bad for you.  A lot of these ‘facts’ and info, however, are conflicting.  So much so that the more you find out about it the more confused you become.  The more confused you become, the more you seek to find out more.  Thus, you’re trapped in a vicious cycle that generates more worry, frustration and insecurity – making you feel even more out of control around food.

This kind of relationship with food is far from empowering.  You seek to gain control over food and feel increasingly unable to control it.  In the end, you blame yourself for being weak and beat yourself up ceaselessly.  At the end of the day, you feel as if what little you’ve gained from your efforts is overridden by how exhausted it’s left you.

No wonder health, diet and exercise is one of the main areas in which change is most sought when people embark on personal development.

But the way we’re taught to go about achieving change is often superficial – in that it barely touches on the spiritual powers we truly have.  Typically, you’d be encouraged to:

Stick to your diet.
Keep a food diary.
Reward yourself once a week.
Control your intake.
Eat the proper ratios of carbs:protein:fats.
Exercise and do yoga everyday.

Whilst some of these strategies might work somewhat, if you’re like me and have gone through the route of rigid-control of food intake, you would know that any real control you do have from it is either short-lived or unsustainable.  It makes you want to scream, “Why is it so difficult to get it right?”

And you wish there’s an easy way to get around this whole issue of food and the body.

Well, there is. 

Removing the Focus Away from Food

What if I tell you that focusing all your attention, efforts and energy on the food you eat is not really helping you to achieve what you want?  Instead, there is another realm, should you place your focus on it, that will yield remarkable changes, beyond your wildest imagination.

It is the invisible realm of your thoughts and spiritual energy.  It is from here – by manipulating these – that you will create the most powerful and direct results.  This is where the real power behind reality creation is, not in the physical world.  What it means is that the power to change your body lies not in the foods you eat but what you think about what you’re eating.

Your judgements about what you’ve eaten and what they’re doing to your body – based on what you’ve read or heard it is supposed to do, the supposed effects on your body – is what causes undesirable effects, not the food itself.

If you feel bad about something you have eaten, you are largely causing the effects of being bloated, gaining weight, being flabby, etc.  On the other hand, if you feel free about it, you probably won’t bring on those kinds of effects.

Here are some ‘facts’ that may be shocking to you:

You can eat rich desserts and not gain weight.
There’s nothing wrong with starting the day by eating chocolate.
You can eat creamy, buttery, high-carb dishes and stay slim if you remain guilt-free.

Does it mean you can eat whatever you want?  Yes, if you feel free about it.  If you have judgements about it, those judgements will influence what the effects are on your body.

Of course, if you eat like a glutton, you’re likely to end up judging yourself severely, which then tips the balance to undesirable effects caused from it.

Self-Loving Vs Self-Abusive Way of Eating

Apart from what your thoughts are around what you’ve eaten, the mindset you adopt during eating also determines what the effects are on your body.  If you think appreciative and self-loving thoughts while you are eating, then you are helping to direct good outcomes.

On the other hand, if you think harsh, self-abusive thoughts driven out of guilt, then you are aiding in bringing on undesirable outcomes.

Other self-abusive ways of eating include bingeing – which really just means you are eating mindlessly, without presence of mind.  In contrast, when you slow down, eat mindfully, taking time to ingest not only the physical nutrients of the food but also the spiritual nourishment, the food will likely have a positive effect on your body.

The solution to the confusing issue of food and our body is actually simpler than we usually allow it to be.  But due to the amount of power you’ve assigned to the physical cause-and-effect world, you’d probably not likely to give up your investment of power in it easily.  The way you’re attached to this investment of power is by choosing to disbelieve in this other way.

But when you can let it go and decide to adopt a fresh, new way – one that potentially changes your paradigm of the world and results in a magical way of living – you will see changes in your reality that will astound you.