How Do I Know What To Do, When There Is So Much Information Out There?

How to know what to do in reality creation

Today, we live in an age of information overload, where we’re constantly bombarded by an onslaught of digital noise. For example, just in fitness and diet alone, we’re bombarded with messages such as:

This diet is good for you…
Go on this diet to lose fat…
Follow this workout to gain muscles…
The most effective programme for…
Why…. is bad for you….
Why you must eat more of….

And the data to convince us:

This is the absolute science!
Look at all the evidence!

I guarantee if you keep looking, you will also find information that counters it.

The amount of info, data, free gifts that we’re bombarded with – just by being a netizen and not a social media recluse – is astounding.

Sign up for this free training on how to launch your ecourse…
Get more traffic to your blog by downloading….
Don’t miss out on this free webinar guaranteed to increase your….
Download the ultimate guide/manifesto to….

Do we really need all this information?

You feel like a ping pong ball. Look here… look there…. look here….

And you’re just grasping at it all, thinking, “I must read this… I must watch this video…” It makes you fear missing out something that might turn out to be just that one crucial piece of info that will fuck it all up if you miss it.

Don’t you hate the way they try to get you to watch videos, with the manipulative titles aimed at getting you to click play? You know you shouldn’t click but you can’t resist it… they try to get you consume everything. There is just such an excess of consumption of digital material – most of which are useless and end up draining our energy.

At some point, don’t you just want to throw your hands up and give up? Actually, that is a good thing – to let go and free yourself from what you should and shouldn’t do. After all….

There is no one perfect way for everyone.

The best programmes are those that encourage you to be fluid, to have lots of space for listening to your own inner guidance, to adapt them to your own personal style and history, and that gives you the freedom to decide they’re not for you.

We have come to rely so much on what we’re being told is good or bad for us. As a result, we have lost our intuitive sense, which is an incredible source of wisdom, guidance, information and knowledge. Not only have we lost our connection with ourselves but also our connection with one another.

We have disconnected from our power to discern what is good for us. For instance, our body is an intelligent system that holds a lot of information – we know what to eat, what not to eat, etc. just by listening closely.

Most of what we need or want to know is available inside us. But we choose to rely on being informed digitally. Instead of turning inward to sense our intuitive guidance, we automatically go to our computer and google our question. Once we go to the world wide web, we’re trapped in an overcrowded maze of too much information and end up even more confused.

The way to get more clarity about what to do is NOT to go deeper into the web but to pluck yourself out of it.

Physically switch off your computer or stand up and walk away. Remind yourself that your greatest source of information is within you, and decide to go to that source instead. Quieten your mind and see for yourself how much clearer and simpler the information received this way is compared to the busy web. Perhaps spend a week not googling questions and rely on some other way to find your answers. Even if it is inconvenient – such as going to a physical library – you will gain something valuable. You will reconnect to your tactile sense and bring back a sense of being in the real world. You will reconnect to yourself and have more opportunities for real interactions with others.

The power is not really in what you do in the physical world anyway.

Another reason why we’ve come to rely so much on the information outside is we have assigned too much power into what we do. But actually, there is not that much power in what we do. What do I mean by that?

You don’t lose weight just by following a certain diet or cutting out certain foods or doing a particular exercise. Food, diet, nutrition and exercise is only one small contributing factor to how you manifest your body to look. There is a whole other dimension at play that determines what you create in the physical world: the invisible world of our emotions, thoughts, attitudes, mindsets and energy. In short, how we hold ourselves internally and how we navigate ourselves within our inner world.

If you follow what appears to be the best programme in the world to a T but hold a lot of unprocessed shame, guilt and anger within you, it will likely affect the results you get. This is why some people get great results on one diet and others don’t; why some people achieve their business targets following a specific strategy and others don’t; why some people only eat all the foods that are supposedly good for them, get enough rest and exercise, and yet they feel tired all the time.

It is not all about what you do or don’t do physically. Yet we tend to get so caught up and invest most of our energy into it. Taking a step back into the realm of the invisible will allow you to loosen your attachment to what is outside and reconnect with your spiritual powers.