Why Focusing on the Unwanted May Be the Missing Link in Reality Creation and Law of Attraction

If you’ve been playing in the reality creation game, you would no doubt have heard of this maxim: “Don’t focus on your problems or what you don’t want, as you would only attract more of it.” This is one of the biggest myths in reality creation.

The Missing Link in Reality Creation and Law of Attraction

Not many people know this, but one way to manifest powerfully is to turn your attention onto the unwanted situations that have already manifested. You go there, and take the power out of it, so that the reality dissolves.   

The first time people hear me say this, it’s as if a light bulb has been turned on in their heads. “Of course, that makes so much sense!” they would say. Most of the time, they would proceed to express how they had always felt something wasn’t “right” or didn’t make sense about the teaching that we musn’t focus on the unwanted and must instead pour all our energy into what we want to manifest.

I know that feeling. I had never felt that pouring an immense amount of energy into visualising and manufacturing the feelings of already having something I want was empowering or pleasant to do. Even as you are trying not to think of something that’s already manifested, most of your natural focus is still on that thing. You trying not to think of it paradoxically makes you pour more energy into it.

So where is the power with which to manifest the thing you want, if you’re pouring most of your energy into what you’re trying not to focus on? There is very little power. So all your efforts to visualise and conjure up positive emotions for the thing you want are likely to be weak at best. At worst, they get cancelled out.

Focusing Only On What You Want May Even Make Your Situation Worse

You may even cause the unwanted situation to worsen. Since your efforts will feel forced when you’re trying not to focus on the “elephant in the room”, it creates a strong resistance. When you resist something, you ironically become an attractant to that thing you’re resisting. Thus, you end up entrenching the reality of the unwanted.

But this is something that has been accepted as a Universal truth in personal growth. Essentially, we need to unlearn the habit of bypassing the unwanted to go straight to what we want – because there’s a lot of power in the unwanted that needs to be pulled back before we can exercise our true creative powers.

Even if you can manifest a better outcome by only focusing on what you want, a big chunk of your energy is still parked somewhere else. Unless you retrieve this energy, you’re likely to get pulled back to the old reality.

Taking the Power Out of It

We’ve been conditioned to fear going near the unwanted reality, let alone extracting power out of it. We’ve learnt to have an aversion towards it. We think that power is useless since it’s bad energy, coming from something unwanted. We forget that it takes power to create anything, even the unwanted.

And nobody told us that this power, when taken back, becomes pure, potential power again – the power to create an infinite number of possible outcomes.

There’s a way to focus on the unwanted without pouring more energy into making it more real. You focus with the intention of retrieving your power from it. You’re not focusing and giving more of your power to it. But focus you must.

Focusing means you fully aknowledge it is there, and that a lot of power is invested in it. And you are going to take your power back from it.

In practical terms, you stop making negative judgements about it. You stop blaming it or whoever is involved. You stop projecting fearful outcomes or interpreting it negatively. You stop doing dramas around it. You know it is unwanted and yet you hold back from pouring more power into it. You look it in its eye and take your power back from it. In short, you’re making a 180 degree turn in how you normally respond to it.

Just doing this will start to give your unwanted reality the space to begin shifting to another reality.

There are specific practices that I teach for directly pulling power back from unwanted reality and channeling it to create magical possibilities. Check out my book Magical Possibilities for these and more juicy material.