What Is Reality Creation?

Reality creation is the study, exploration, process or endeavour of bringing into manifestation what we desire to experience, and/or to manipulate that which has already manifested in our experience. It is sometimes called “conscious creation” or “deliberate creation” and denotes the power to create lies within us rather than we are helpless against outside forces.

What is Reality creation and the Art of Dissolving Unwanted Reality?

Although not new in the alternative thought scene, in the past decade it has moved into mainstream personal growth, with the plethora of “law of attraction” and manifesting teachings now available. As a result, more and more people have awakened to the idea that we are powerful creators and that we can take control over what unfolds in our lives.

A lot of these teachings, however, do not yield reliable results. The idea that we can create our reality is very appealing, but in truth, most of these teachings work only on a superficial level. Typically, these teachings are based on techniques such as mind methods, working with the subconscious mind, summoning emotions and changing our vibrations. Specifically, they usually include:

  • Creating vision boards, or other forms of visual representation of what you desire to manifest.
  • Repeating affirmations (saying something you want as if it is already true).
  • Visualising already having what you want to manifest.
  • Getting into the emotional state of already having this thing you want.
  • Replacing limiting beliefs with postiive beliefs.
  • Focusing only on what you want and avoid thinking about the unwanted reality.

(In future posts, I will explain further why these techniques don’t really work.)

Why Don’t They Seem To Work?              

If you have tried these techniques, or you’re still doing them, be brutally honest about how you feel doing them. Chances are, like most people, you feel they are counter-intuitive. Whenever I share my reality creation method with people, they often tell me what a relief it is to not have to do these techniques anymore as they didn’t feel “right” or “natural”. These techniques, however, have been accepted almost as Universal truths in personal growth; yet in my opinion they’re keeping us stuck at a certain level of not really connecting with our true spiritual powers.

To a lesser degree, there are reality creation techniques that are based on more metaphysical methods, getting into specific meditative states, and manipulating reality from the spiritual-energetic levels. These technqiues are potentially more effective in the long run because they deal with the spiritual realm, where the very source of creations is. The problem is, they’re often not very practical in the modern world and not easily accessible to the everyday person.

So Which Reality Creation Methods Actually Work?

I believe there are several levels that we must affect in order to truly tap into our reality creation powers, and exercise that power as grounded, physical beings. Broadly, they are:

  1. Changing the way we respond to triggers (as opposed to changing the contents of our thoughts, as most manifesting techniques do).
  2. Healing the emotional issues and patterns that govern our lives.
  3. Connecting the areas of disconnection in our psycho-spiritual body.

Most methods of reality creation, however, affect only one of these levels. Rarely does a reality creation technique reach a deep enough place to affect emotional healing and shift old patterns. The more spiritual methods rarely incorporate some elements of practicality that allow the practitioner to stay grounded in the physical body.

If all three levels are involved in a reality creation method, it would result in tremendous power to change one’s reality. Otherwise, the results may just be lukewarm or unsustainable. The best methods are those that result in not only changes in one’s reality but one’s entire paradigm : shifting from operating out of a place of struggling to a magical place of love, beauty and magic. A place that transcends our current limitations so that we return to our true nature as magical beings.