How To Shift The Reality Of The Money System

I was watching an interview with Tony Robbins about his new money book. He was talking about how the financial system has fooled people into thinking that they can win in the financial game but actually traps people into a lifetime of being in debt etc. (I’m paraphrasing), and that we need to own a business because that is the only way out.

I want to offer a different perspective as far as reality creation goes. Whilst what Tony says may be empowering on a certain level, it still limits us as to what is possible. In the parlance of The Art of Dissolving Unwanted Reality, that is simply a coping strategy for an unwanted reality. A truly empowering option is to dissolve the reality of the financial game and create a different reality in its place.  

Dissolving the money system with reality creation

The first thing people usually say to that is, that’s impossible. A ridiculous, unrealistic, pie-in-the-sky notion. Or they might look at me as if envisioning how I’d look in a straight jacket. How could it be possible for a whole financial system to be dissolved?

Reality Is Fluid

Yet if you think about it, some of the changes we’ve been able to witness around the world had come totally unexpectedly. Nobody saw it coming (maybe except a few radical thinkers). It’s easy to say after an event has happened that we saw it coming but if you were really honest you probably didn’t even have an inkling.

Already the reality of the financial system is changing. If you really look, there have been lots of changes within the financial world that even logically it wouldn’t take a big leap of imagination to imagine a vastly different financial system is possible. It doesn’t matter if they are good or bad changes, just the fact that things are changing. The reality is shifting.

Adopting a sense of possibility is one of the crucial elements in dissolving unwanted reality and creating magical possibilities. In another reality, we could have a financial system that is respectful, loving and empowering to individuals. There could be a money system based completely on trust. Or a kind of hybrid money-barter system that truly works. Or anything in between and beyond the limits of our imagination.

When you don’t believe in these kinds of possibilities – when you LIMIT the possibilities – you will limit yourself to the kind of solution that Tony stated, where you’re still reinforcing the ugliness of the reality, in a sense. Now I’m not saying that starting your own business is not valid and fulfilling, far from it; I’m merely pointing out the difference between doing so without giving power to the perceived limitations and investing power into the story that the financial system is screwing us all (as true as it may be in this version of reality).

Where Is the Power?

Is the power to create things outside or inside of us? Most people assign too much power to the physical cause-and-effect world. We think that there’s a predictable law governing the effects of causes – i.e. if I do this, then that will happen.

But the power mainly lies in the spiritual realm, beyond the physical and the tangible. This is the source of all creations. When you work at the very source of creation, your outside world can shift dramatically and quickly – IF you suspend disbelief and open up to possibilities. It can be subtle yet the changes huge. For example, a new law or bill being passed, the collapse of major corporations, a new money system being implemented, and so many other scenarios we cannot even imagine right now.

These are changes that are in the domain of your creative powers to influence directly. By bringing back your focus from outside of you, to the space of infinite possibilities within you, and aligning with what I call “the invisible power”, you can create miraculous changes. But just suspending your disbelief that an alternative reality is possible will go a long way in encouraging that shift.

Does it mean you have to be in denial about “the truth and the facts”?

No, you can continue to observe what is unfolding in your reality. But you can do so without investing more power into it. You can let things be as they are, keeping a mindset of possibility for it to shift into unlimited outcomes and versions of reality.

Unlimited potential and magical possibilities